Managed Cloud Hosting for Joomla Sites

In the cloud opportunities are infinite

Why hosting with INFINITY MIND?

One of the biggest advantages with INFINITY MIND is that customers can start their project on a less powerful server and easily upgrade later-on. Downtime is minimal and we don't charge for labour, only the price difference between plans. During the upgrade, the server must be taken offline for not more than one minute per GB of data used by the old server. Alternatively, the storage capacity for image or video folders can be increased for only 30 USD per month for every 100 GB added. Doing so only requires a few minutes of downtime for the copying of the files already contained in the folder to which the new storage is added. The size of that mounted volume can be increased if necessary. Ask our sales team for custom configurations.

Get your website created and managed for free!

INFINITY MIND hosting plans come with a credit of one free developer hour for every 120 USD spent on hosting. If required, additional hours can be purchased separately.

Datacenter Locations

Servers hosted by INFINITY MIND can be located in Amsterdam, Bangalore, London, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto.

Unix Distributions

Subscribers can choose between Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and FreeBSD.