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  3. Saturday, 14 December 2019
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It's not unusual for a server to run out of storage once it goes into production. Images and videos can quickly amount to a lot of disk space. If that happens, our customers have three main options:

  1. They can upgrade to a more powerful server with more storage. During that upgrade, the server must be taken offline. It takes up to 1 minute per GB of data used by the server.
  2. They can add a volume to their existing server and mount it to the directory requiring additional storage, for example, the directory used to store images or videos. The costs of doing so add 30 USD per month for every 100 GB. Adding and mounting a volume requires a couple of minutes of downtime due to the necessary copying of the files already contained in the directory to which the new volume is mounted. The size of that mounted volume can be increased as required.
  3. They can also move their large files to S3-style storage. However, that's not necessarily cheaper than option 2, depending on the amount of traffic between server and S3 storage, and also slower. However, the option exists with INFINITY MIND.

We don't charge for labour to perform the upgrade, only for the price difference between plans.

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